Hello. Welcome to the blog of a college graduate. I majored in Ornithology and minored in Latin (because both are awesome). I am currently employed as a research technician and as an assistant to a waterfowl education program. I eventually want to enter a Master's program, but I have no idea what aspect of ornithology I want to study. I like birds and art and Romans and animation and fantasy novels.

This tumblr was supposed to be an art blog. But things happened. And now there is random stuff too.

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This is a combined post of the progress I made over the past few weekends. The main forms are all in place now, hooray!  The last shape I put into place was the right front hand…it’s amazing how he just sprung to life after that.

I had to wrestle with the horns a little to get them set into the head evenly.  But they turned out to be a really awesome addition.  I will likely sculpt over top of them later on, but they are a great placeholder for now.

Most of everything else I did was a repeat of the processes I’ve been doing, such as the large scales and feet.  But I got some nice photos showing the progress still!

Next up, I have a lot of sanding and refining to do to get the sculpture ready for details.  I will be using my dremel to add some details as well as define some of the pre-existing lines.  Then I will be moving into the leaf and moss details as well as adding the branches along his back and some small scale details on the feet and face.  And of course I still have to put the eyes in place!

I am going to continue to work on this weekly, but I may not be updating the blog every week.  Some weeks the progress may be visually subtle, so I will combine weeks like I did this time around.

The main forms have taken me about 5 1/2 gallons of Free Form Air.  I am really happy I chose to use this clay.  There is definitely a learning curve with it, but it has kept the sculpture very light weight and manageable.  It also sands down very nicely.  And it’s super tough to boot!

I am really thrilled that I am ready to move into refining and detailing.  I spent around a month and a half’s worth of weekends getting this portion done.  I am trying to get as much epoxy work done as I can before the cold winter weather hits.  I am feeling very optimistic about the progress!





Take any movie premise about a white man and make it about a grandma and it becomes twice as interesting

Iron Gran


An alcoholic and reluctant grandmother with superpowers has to learn how to not be an asshole by working with a public relations worker and spending time in prison.

Betty White stars in: “Grancock”

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Sometimes I make good decisions for phone contact pictures.

Sometimes I make good decisions for phone contact pictures.